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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson


Red Sox 2010 Preview

I have become much more optimistic about the Boston Red Sox chances in 2010 than I was before Spring Training. The Sox Pitching proved to me that  we have a shot at the World Series. I underestimated John Lackey, and I thought David Ortiz was done etc., but looking back at spring training every single player that I doubted played well. If you think about the Sox starting rotation, we have Lackey and Beckett and Lester–all all-star quality.  Wakefield is Wakefield.  The only pitchers I’m worried about are Dice-K and Clay Buchholtz. Buchholtz has proved inconsistent, and Matsuzaka has never met our expectations.   Dice-K barely even pitched last year; he had four wins and six losses with an ERA. of 5.76. Still, both Buchholtz and Dice-K could put it all together this year, and each has the potential to be spectacular.  On defense, we’re solid. Offense is unproven and has me a little concerned.  Without Jason Bay, we have a gap in our lineup. But there are also no major weak spots in our balance lineup.  And, if all this run prevention stuff does work out, we don’t need as much offence.  In short, I predict the Sox will win 95 games in 2010 and go to the World Series to win it all!  Go Sox!

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