Batting Stance Guy With Kevin Youkilis

I had a comment that asked “Great post! My question, Ian, is where did Youk develop his unorthodox batting style? Do you know?” So I thought I would share these videos with you.

Part 1

* * *

Watch Part 3, 4 and 5 after the jump

Part 2

* * *

Part  3

* * *

Part 4

* * *

Part 5

* * *

  1. I started batting the same way 2 months ago at a batting cage .

    I’m not a baseball fanatic so I just had no idea who Youkilis was.

    But I developed my stance by combining Hoahmaru’s, (of SAMURAI SHOWDOWN), fighting stance with Andy Roddicks service footwork, and I would move around the batters box. I got some really good results too.

    I did not realize Youkilis was doing this for over 8 years. I do however think my stance, and technique is better and more sound because of what I based it on.

    To develop that stance without referencing Hoahmaru is pretty odd. I would say that Youkilis thought of it first, because he was doing something that resembled it.

    But I am not so sure I can say that. When I saw Youkilis go up against the Pirates last night I initially though his stance a very bad mockery of my batting cage work.

    I was wrong though. As I discovered he was doing this for some 8 years now. But I still consider his style as “Half-Mastered”.

    I think all of the pitchers just need to call his bluff. Because that is what I consider his stance.

    …..a bluff.

  2. and oddly enough one of his Boston coaches, who now manages the Cubs, managed my hometown’s minor league team. During his tenure there (2002-2003) I actually had a Sega Genesis and the only game I had was “Samurai Shodown”. So around the same time that (Sveum) left for Boston was apparently the same time that Youkilis developed this stance.

    I however did not go to batting cages then. And it only took a few trips to the batting cage years afterward, and my memories of Samurai Showdown, to develop my similar stance. So in HINDSIGHT you might see how I could be offended at Kevin Y stance…thinking that it somehow ORIGINATED by the illegal surveillance of my home.

    Of course that is pretty far fetched. But you see where I am coming from.

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