Red Sox 2010 Predictions

I am not optimistic that the Sox will do well in 2010. We lost Manny and Bay. Ortiz is not as good any more. Papelbon is no longer lights out. The Red Sox are also playing in the toughest division. And to make it worse the Yankees got better: they added an all-star center fielder, Curtis Granderson, to an all-star roster.  The only game-changer we added is John Lackey.  I think we will make it to the ALDS and then lose it in 7 games. Although I don’t think that the Sox will make it to the World Series, I am very excited about their season coming up. I think if we kept Jason Bay we might have won the World Series this year. I do hope that the Sox do great this year, but I just don’t see it happening.

  1. Well, I’m not even particularly a Red Sox fan, and I guess I’m a bit more optimistic than you about their chances this season. Their pitching staff is seriously deep; I would take it over the Yanks even with the addition of Vazquez who is, after all, little more than a career .500 pitcher. The Yanks are an aging team, and although I think they’ll make the playoffs this year, I think they will run out of gas by September. Sox have also seriously improved their defense which will help especially when they are on the road where they tend to score fewer runs. Finally, I still think they have enough offense with Youk, Pedroia, Ellsbury, V-Mart and Drew. Cameron and Scutaro will contribute as well. Bullpen is also still pretty deep. Don’t forget Yanks have lost Damon and Matsui, and although I think Granderson will have a nice year, Nick Johnson is no replacement for Matsui. I’ll take Boston by 2 games over the Yanks, then I think they’ll defeat the Yanks for the A.L. pennant. Keep your chin up, Sox fans! Bill

  2. Hi, Thanks for your kind comments. I’ve just linked to yours as well. Take care, and nice work, Bill

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