Lou Gehrig Early Life (Part 1)

In a farewell speech to Lou Gehrig, Postmaster General James Farley concluded by predicting, “For generations to come, boys who play baseball will point with pride to your record.” Kids who play baseball dream about being like him, and most Major League players look up to him. Lou Gehrig was a baseball hero who went from being one of the best players in history to being barely able to walk.

Lou came from a poor but respectable background .He was born in New York City on June 19, 1903, the same year as the first World Series was played .Lou came from a poor but respectable background. His parents, Heinrich and Christiana Gehrig were immigrants from Germany. When Lou was a young boy, he loved to play baseball, football, and soccer with his neighborhood buddies in empty corner lots. Although he loved sports, his parents insisted that their only child must be big and strong and have a good education. As a boy, Lou dreamed of becoming an engineer. Even when the family was having financial problems, his parents insisted that he must stay in school and go to college. However, Lou helped his mother clean the house everyday before school, and again after school before doing his homework. Through eight years of grade school, Lou did not miss a single day. Although, he was not a brilliant student, he worked hard at his studies.

Lou also worked hard at his baseball to become was one of the best players on his high school team. Not only was he a good player, he was well liked by his teachers, coaches, and classmates. In June 1920, at a high school baseball championship at Wrigley Field, Lou hit a ball over the right field fence. It was a huge accomplishment for Lou.  Little did he know that it was his first step towards playing on a Major League Team.

* * *

Part 2 is here.

    • JH
    • February 28th, 2010

    Great post, Ian. I can’t wait to read Part II!

    • Gaye Johnson
    • March 23rd, 2010

    Wow, this blog has changed lots and it’s super. Good job. I’ll visit more often now. Sure like the videos of Lou Gehrig

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