Jason Bay Is a Met

I was very surprised when Jason Bay turned down the Red Sox offer of $60 million. I think that he got greedy. He was playing with the Sox seeing if they would offer more, but while he was waiting the Sox signed Mike Cameron. I think what Bay did to the Sox it was kind of a slap in the face. In 2008, Bay comes all excited and plays one and a half great years. The fans loved him, and as a boy he grew up loving the Sox. If I were Bay I would have accepted the Sox offer. The Mets offered him $66 million dollars (the Mets have the second  highest payroll in the MLB).

He is on the Mets now. I think he will help out the Mets tremendously, and they will  have a chance of winning the the NL East. Bay seemed very happy about joining the Mets. He even said “I’m grateful and honored to be here.”

Here is a comparison of Mike Cameron’s and Jason Bay’s stats from the 2009 season: Mike had 24 homers, 70 RBI’s, and an average of .250. Jason had 36 home runs, 119 ribbies, and an average of .280. As you can tell Jason’s stats are better, but at least we still have Victor Martinez.

* * *

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