Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon finally has a home. About four hours ago Damon agreed to a one year $8 million deal with the Tigers. He will most likely play left field, and hit lead off or second.

A bit about Johnny’s past: During his entire childhood Damon was an army brat. He moved to several bases from Okinawa, Japan, to West Germany before his father left the Army and settled the family in the Orlando area while Johnny was still a pre-schooler. Damon was made fun of at school because he had a stuttering problem. Damon went to Dr. Phillips High in Orlando, Florida when during his senior year in 1992, he was rated the top high school prospect in the country by Baseball America, was named to USA Today’s High School All-America team, and was the Florida Gatorade Player of the Year. In 1992 Damon was selected in the first round of the amateur draft. Damon also played on the Oakland Athletics, the Boston Red Sox, and the Yankees. Johnny has won two World Series championships. I used to not like Johnny because he was a Yankee but learning more about him made me like him more (or maybe it’s just because he won’t be in pinstripes next season).

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