Salary Caps In Baseball?

Today I am writing about how there should be a salary cap in Major League Baseball. Every year it seems like the Yankees buy the All-Star team. While the Yankees are spending money like there is no tomorrow, the Pittsburg Pirates are trying as hard as they can to bring up a few players from minors or sign a few solid free agents. The Yankee’s payroll for 2009 was $208,097,414.  The Sox payroll was just a little more than have of that. The Pirates was only $25,197,000. I am starting to think that there should be salary caps in the Majors. I don’t think it is fair that just because New York has a GM that spends money more than any other GM means that they should win the World Series. The only reason that there is not a salary cap is because the teams that are in power refuse the idea. I hope in the next few years Major League Baeball will make teams use a salary cap.

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